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Hsiao-Han Alice Yang | 楊曉涵

Temple University Master Degrees in Piano Performance 

Philadelphia Young Pianists' Academy (PYPA) Project Manager


費城青年鋼琴家協會 (PYPA) 專案經理

Taiwanese pianist, Hsiao-Han “Alice” Yang is currently based in Philadephia, PA. She began her piano journey at the age of 6 with the help of her mom at their home. Hsiao-Han witnessed her mother's teaching passion and dedication to students throughout the years; she followed her mother's footsteps, teaching since 2012. 


Hsiao-Han studied Piano & Music Education in college and has an ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano Performance, and Grade 5 in Music Theory. She received professional vocal training for 8 years, and learned conducting, and violin. She believes piano learning can be combined with life experience and FUN! 


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Customized Lesson Plan

Customized Lesson Plans

Customized Lesson Plans


Students at different ages have different focuses and learning habits! I like to discuss short-term lesson plans and long-term goals. Structural learning and clear targeting can motivate every piano student! For younger students, I like to add body movement, drawing, games and singing to my lessons, to bring variety. For older students, I like to discuss with them what music they are interested in, and broaden their music repertoire. 


Professional Training

Professional Training


Pro Training

If you are preparing for local competitions, school auditions, piano certificates, you need a professionally trained teacher to give you systematic direction, and instruction. I have done it all, so if you are looking for better guidance, I can help you out!


Beyond the Keys

Piano Lessons are beyond the Keys

Piano Lessons are beyond the Keys


Why is classical music so beautiful? Because it reflects a composer’s true emotionality. This might seem complicated, but I guide students to connect a composer’s feelings and reasoning to the techniques used in the framework of a composition. This deep dive is called “Music Theory” which can be fascinating and fun!  Sometimes this can be stimulating and satisfying, like solving a math question with a formula; other times, I ask my students to become composers so they can write their own music. Piano learning is always diverse and engaging for my students 

為什麼古典音樂總是這麼扣人心弦?因為這些音樂反映出作曲家最真實的內心世界,並將音樂用“複雜”的方式表達!學生經常在回課的時候跟我說:「老師,這段我一直都練不好!」這時,我的回答通常是,我們一起來分析這段音樂吧。在這些音符的背後,總是藏了很多作曲家的秘密,​為了要解開這些秘密,我們需要學習“音樂理論、創作背景...等來理解這些作曲家。就如同數學,我們需要 一些公式來解題。我喜歡在鋼琴課程加上音樂理論、鋼琴文學,並帶學生了解作曲家的背景,做全方位的學習。有時,我會讓學生練習作曲,角色互換,當他們是執筆的那個人,他們想怎麼說出自己的故事呢?

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